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Based in Buckinghamshire covering Bucks, Oxfordshire & UK and overseas.

Engine and Gearbox Rebuilds by Ricketts Automotive Engineering

We cater for all makes and models of engines and gearboxes, from full rebuilds to solving minor problems. On receiving an engine for rebuild, we fully strip it and give a full report on the engine condition. We can white metal and grind the crank shaft (if required), re-bore and hone cylinders- after the engine has been reassemble we can test it in our Dynometer.

To list a few of the engines we have completed full rebuilds on:

  • Delage
  • Riley 9 12/4 14/6 15/6
  • Jaguar
  • Alfa
  • Ford
  • Model A
  • Ford Flat head V8
  • Caddilac V8

We also fix gearbox faults - the most common being major oil leaks. We replace the old leather seals and modify them to take modern lip seals.

We also work on Wilson Pre-selector gearboxes, from adjustments to strip down and reconditioning.